Website Management

Millions of pounds have been spent globally or finding out what makes someone spend money or time on your website, and many theories have come about adding little bits of information about the Digital Experience your client gets and how that transfers into sales. The obvious place to start would be that "Content is King", however, the research shows a surprising fact, in that content plays a surprisingly small part.

Have a good website idea, but don’t have the time or knowledge to manage it? We at TriSec-Consulting offer the complete website management solution, to help you make your website run for you, so you can focus on winning customers and doing what you do best!

Whether it’s a static page website, a blog, or an ecommerce shop, we have managed it all and can help you with all facets of managing your website. We make sure your website is Secure, Smart and Speedy! We do this by providing

    • Content creation to ensure your visitors stay hooked
    • Website Design and flow optimization to make sure your customers stay on your website
    • Programming and Development to add widgets and modifications to your site
    • Website Security to keep the malware and hackers at bay
    • Website Optimization for speed
    • Search Engine optimization so you are prominent on search engines
    • Backup solutions which allow you to roll back to previous version
    • Training on how to use control panels and websites
    • Website performance monitoring

Complete Website Management

We can help you manage all types of website from eCommerce (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart) to other Content Management System (WordPress Management) everything from your plugins to making your sites run faster. We do the stuff in the background so you can focus on making your clients happy. That “stuff” is everything from making custom programs, to making sure you appear high up in the google rankings!

When we say we offer the complete website management solution, that is exactly what we mean. TriSec Consulting want to take the stress out of your online presence, and make it fun again! We are not your typical agency, in that we will provide you feedback about what we think may look better, or flow better for your clients and what will help make you sales!

We can work on a call off basis or an ad-hoc basis, customizing our service to exactly what you need. Contact us for more details, but monthly support packages start at £50/month. So why not Contact Us to get your quote, and we can help you grow to be the next Facebook!

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