Search Engine Optimisation

The term SEO is banded around everywhere, but what does it mean and what is it used for? The key thing to know is that it is a method of improving the quality and the amount of visitors that get your site, by increasing your ranking on the popular search engines such as google. Proper SEO creates a wider gateway for people to visit your site!

SEO is a true skill, and although anyone can have a go, the true masters have a mix of human psychology and experience and knowledge of how to work with the search engines. The reason for this is obvious, you need to know what people are going to type into that search engine! If you hit the right term, and have your website set up correctly, you will be top of the pops!

So here at TriSec-Consulting, we like to break this into 3 steps, with the initial steps getting you on the board, while the latter help you climb the ladders and win the game. Be careful though as there is a snake or two to slip down on the way.

Content is king, is the most famous of phrases, but is it the first step? No the first step is that your website is available and “visible” to the search engine to crawl, but quickly after that comes the content. The content itself should answer a question that the user is searching for, which may be anything from “How to ride a bike”, to searching for a product itself.

Make sure that each page has an answer to the search, and that it is compelling for the user. Equal to this is making sure that the User experience is as smooth as possible which includes factors such as site loading time, all the way down to the ease of navigating the site. Google and other search engines take all of these factors into account

You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to be able to complete SEO, but a little bit of putting yourself in your client’s shoes goes a long way. The key to this is coming up with the question or the query that they will search google for, which for our use we call keywords. This allows us to focus the content but also the background code on those keywords and put a big spotlight on your website for the search engines to find.

One of the methods we use to really help is to look at competitors and identify what is working for them, and what we can improve on, giving you a leg up so you can get ahead of the game.

Networking is important in any business, whether it is networks of people, computers or suppliers. It is equally so in SEO, because one of the factors effecting your ranking is how many sites reference your website, and in what context. This is generally achieved by a number of factors but the easiest of which is creating valuable content which is shared, but also by ensuring your website is kept up to date.

One of the tricks google uses is that it wants to make sure that the websites are still active, and as such it penalizes sites which are purely static, and have not been updated recently.

As with everything now a days there are potential pit falls on the way to your search engine success. As you may have guessed there are multiple methods of doing the items we have discussed in the other tabs but some of these are what is known as “black hat”. These are methods that are against google’s (or other search engines) terms of service. This is items like creating content for search engines rather than people, creating false links, false traffic and in general trying to cheat. If someone doing this gets caught their website may be penalized from the search engines, and may even be banned.

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