About Trisec

One of the UK’s best Ninjas in bespoke website design and development with the sole mission of:

“Developing strategies and superintending digital marketing affairs for maximum leads and laser-targeted

Entrust us with your web development projects, and we will dress your online business to hit the success jackpot in no time!

What we do

Trisec is a UK-based web design company that allows small and large-scale businesses to mark their first digital
footprint and generate greater profits from their online operations. We develop and create beautiful custom websites and can dress your business for success via our 100% working strategies for online marketing that rakes in tons of leads.

We have a creative way of operating, reducing needless expenditures, providing cheaper rates than most web design companies in the marketplace . Our web development firm is driven by a team of digital marketing experts,professional web designers, and SEO gurus who build fantastic websites that let entrepreneurs experience the sweet taste of success in their targeted niche

Contact us today for a free quote. Our experts are round-the-clock available to accommodate your queries + give you an insight into some of our recent award-winning projects.



Tris is a developer and system administrator with 15 years experience in web technologies. He is very well rounded and helps advise many companies on best practices which vary from infrastructure and security to how to setup an individual page to convey the most users.


Technical Team Lead

Shahbaz is our Technical Team Lead and a qualified software engineer with 7+ years of international experience in the field, he has helped many offline businesses to become widely available online and helped scale small web applications to mid & enterprise level using modern web technologies.


Infrastructure and Security Specialist

Steven is our server and application security specialist, working with our applications and your infrastructure to make sure that it is secure, fast (optimised) and using the latest technology and standards.