Speed Optimisation

Millions of pounds have been spent globally or finding out what makes someone spend money or time on your website, and many theories have come about adding little bits of information about the Digital Experience your client gets and how that transfers into sales. The obvious place to start would be that "Content is King", however, the research shows a surprising fact, in that content plays a surprisingly small part.

So how do we make your website faster?

The research shows that some of the key factors are load time, error count, visualization and what I call data overload (i.e can they read what they want/ need quickly). All of this can be summed up by, can the user get the information they want as quickly as possible!

Here at TriSec-Consulting, we can help you make sure your website runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, covering all stages of the user experience. Making sure your website loads as fast as possible.

Each of these stages is an iterative approach and we ensure that we continue to benchmark throughout so that you can see the improvements both in our “scores” but also in what is important to you, the real terms of loading time and website load.

We will then monitor your website and it’s loading times to ensure that it all sticks and to show the improvement over time. This is vital as in the modern age, staying static is the same as moving backward!

Our first stage is to benchmark your website against other similar websites, and give it a score, highlighting areas of potential improvement whether it be on the website itself (the code), on the webserver, with the content, or even with the delivery method. This is delivered to you in the form of a report.

Fact: Did you know of the top 10 eCommerce sites in the world (according to Alexa.com) the load time is under 1.54 seconds

On the website, we can make sure that the website is programmed efficiently, which has various different stages which vary from minimization, image sprites, to the code itself. This varies a lot depending on the website, as there is no one size fits all solution. We will update everything and provide additional solutions so that you can beat your competitors!

The changes we can make are not just limited at the website, if you have a virtual private server, cloud server or dedicated server. We can change the running of the server so that data is delivered faster, and that the resources available to you are used most efficiently. So if you have spare RAM capacity we can make sure that is used rather than requiring costly upgrades to your server! This speeds up your website loading times, but also reduces the load.

There is so much technology out there such as the cloud, a CDN (Content Delivery Network), software caching, local caching, that it really does get confusing. We can guide you through the confusion and provide recommendations, and implement them on the best way forward. We use a pragmatic approach which means you get the most cost effective solution!

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