Custom Programming

Custom programming is a skill, and an art which helps people bring visions to reality. Done properly it encompasses user experience design, object orientated programming, creating user specifications, project management and a myriad of other skills. All you need to know though, is if you can think it, we can make it!

Our Experience

Our expert development team have helped our customers realise their dreams. We are a custom programming (development) team, with multiple specialties. Whether its a plugin to an eCommerce site, or a totally new, innovative idea we can help provide you the solution. We are familiar with working with all the major eCommerce, Content Management Systems and various other programms. Our teams are familiar with the latest frameworks and programming languages, as listed below. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest standards and make sure to follow the best standards.

  • PHP – Laravel, CodeIgnitier, Cake, Yii frameworks
  • Perl
  • Python
  • MySQL / SQL / PostGreSQL
  • C / C++
  • VBA
  • Patran


Any good custom programming project starts with the specification creation. We here at TriSec Consulting work with the agile methodology and hence we use an iterative process, as we understand your specification may evolve. We start every project by understanding your expectations and ensuring its documented. This will result in a User Requirement Specification document, setting out what you want, and what we need.

Custom Programming User Requirement Specification

Wireframe / Design

We then create what is called a “wireframe” which is a basic layout of how you envisage the user experience and flow working. The complexity of this depends on the depth of your vision, but we can help coax it out of you. This creates a visual map of your ideas, and helps validate the specification. It can also help create a test plan for the future stages.

This stage is when the project begins to kick-off and your vision starts to become tangible. This stage frequently leads to more ideas, and changes to the specification, but that’s what this process is for! Our custom programming teams can help give ideas, and we love to give feedback on what may help win your customers over!

Custom Programming

This is the stage where we roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. We create all of the “backend” magic, and the next thing you know your website will be ready. Using our agile methodology, we ensure we keep you up to date at each stage, with multiple milestones and demos as we go.

We can create everything from scraping websites, to fresh eCommerce websites, have a look at some example projects over on the blogs page, or ask us for some more examples!

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