WordPress Speed – The Plugin battle!

Loading time may seem like the ultimate in first world problems, but in this day and age of reducing attention spans, and wanting information now, your site’s loading time can be the difference between someone going to the next page and leaving your site forever! This means lost sales, clicks, followers and a reduction in […]


Project Management – Agile Style

So most people have worked on a project whether delivering one, or being on the receiving end of one. Your ideas of project management may vary depending on the results, but most likely if you had a bad experience you have a negative view. This was most likely because the project wasn’t managed, whether that […]


Welcome to the world TriSec-Consulting

So another new website, another new blog, what makes TriSec-Consulting so special? Well firstly between the team involved here we have over 50 years of web experience, having completed all aspects of managing a website and web server. Our history is in server management, program development and high availability eCommerce websites.  So why the TriSec-Consulting […]

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